Purveyors of wide plank flooring since 1984.


From our simple beginnings in 1984 with founders, Shelley and Mike McMurry, selling unfinished wide plank flooring from their Georgia home, Authentic Pine Floors has grown into a national company servicing both coasts and everything in between.

We're still family owned and operated, and specializing in wide plank flooring; although with a slightly more diverse product line consisting of both reclaimed and new harverst wide plank pine. Additionally, a complete selection of accessories and maintenance products are available to complement all of our floors.  

WHAT WE DO (click to view our video)

Our Founders & Inspiration

"Just over 30 years ago I had a dream of wide plank flooring for my home.  At the time I could only get it by the truckload; so I ordered more than I needed and sold the rest off my back porch. I did the selling and my husband, Mike, was the labor. I enjoyed, and still do, working with the customers to help them pick the perfect floor. It was crucial to me that every customer felt like part of our family!   

Little did I know then that wide plank flooring would still be one of the hottest trends in flooring today.  We have seen countless design styles and decors come in and out of fashion, yet our wide plank flooring has fit perfectly in them all. 

While we have changed over time; our shared passion for being part of a small family-owned business, wide plank flooring and especially for treating each customer like family has not, and will never change.

                                                                                     We give special thanks to all our customers who have so graciously kept us in business the last quarter-century."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Shelley McMurry, Founder

Our Crew

Crew Leader

Zack is president of Authentic Pine Floors. His favorite toys as a kid were plastic hammers and saws; his interests haven’t changed much but the toys are a little bigger now. Much happier in the mill than in the office, he enjoys working hands on in creating new life out of the old salvaged timbers. He has added a manufacturing facility where beams salvaged from old structures are recycled into antique heart pine flooring, doors, mantels, stairparts and moldings. On the home front, he’s soccer coach of his son, Ozburn’s soccer team and does all he can to bring out any “tom boy” in his 5 year old daughter, dancing sensation, Hattie.

Sales Crew

When you call us, you will be greeted by one of our flooring design experts - Darline, Amanda or Catalina.  The girls have years of wide plank flooring design work between them. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and love what they do. Every design project starts with an idea, a vision and unfortuneatly, a budget.  We not only appreciate the vision but we understand the investment that goes into making it happen. We are here to help you through the entire process - start to finish. But don't take our word for it, call today and find out for yourself!

Shipping & Delivery

How does your flooring get from here to there you may ask?  Getting floors safely to a destination can prove to be a little tricky when dealing with lengths up to 16'. We have been producing and shipping longlength material for almost 30 years. Each order is carefully packed in scrap-wood protecting your floor from the time it leaves our facility until it reaches your home. Our team handles the packaging and shipping of every order. No matter if you're ordering 500sf or 5,500sf, we package every order carefully and with pride.


Cory has been with Authentic Pine Floors since July of 1996. His interesting mix of duties include safety, production management and occassional lawn care. We take safety very seriously as we have to use a number of dangerous saws and machines in the production process. Cory holds weekly safety meetings and regular refreshers on every machine. As Cory is able to do math in his head that most of us struggle to use a calculator to compute, we put him in charge of tracking our raw inventory. And yes, he runs a killer mower and weed whacker.